YSU students take part in arrowhead curation project for Arms Museum display

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YSU professor Tom Delvaux said the students have only gotten through about 10% of the arrowhead collection so far

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown State University students are getting hands-on experience with a project at the Arms Museum.

They are identifying pieces of history found in the Valley.

Erica Constance is a sophomore at YSU who has a passion for archeology, which is why she is a part of the curation project.

“Just being able to sit down and going through the arrowheads. Taking the measurements, typing them out and writing it all down. Honestly, it is a lot of fun for me. I enjoy it very much,” she said.

The project started a year and a half ago, allowing students to organize and catalog Native American artifacts.

The items were donated to the Mahoning Valley Historical Society in 1989 by the Calvins family in North Lima.

“Being able to actually work with real arrowheads, it’s amazing honestly. Just being able to look at the flakes that are gone and the way that it was shaped and being able to see coloration,” Constance said.

Tom Delvaux, a YSU professor of archeology and anthropology, said there is a wide variety of artifacts that they organize in the class.

“There’s all different types — there’s axes, there’s arrowheads, spare points, decorative things, pipes and all sorts of things. They left an amazing record here,” he said.

Delvaux said the students have only gotten through about 10% of the arrowhead collection so far.

“So being able to figure out what they use this for and how their daily lives went. We’re essentially speaking for the dead and being able to tell others what they did and how important they were to our history,” Constance said.

After the students measure, weigh, assign the color and register a number for each piece, the artifact is then photographed and becomes part of a display at the Arms Museum.

“It’s rewarding, it’s awesome, it makes you feel more connected to them in a sense,” Constance said.

Students meet Mondays and Thursdays to curate and catalog the arrowheads. They even receive volunteer hours for their hard work.

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