WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – Three students from Youngstown State University presented a plan to the village of Wellsville Friday that would help revitalize the area. 

Katharine Donnachie, Heather Davis and David Thompson presented the plan they call “Be Well in Wellsville.”

The students worked on it as their senior capstone project under the direction of Dawna Cerney, a YSU geography professor.

“We’re ultimately creating resiliency within the community,” Katharine Donnachie said.

The trio had four major points they touched on: Economic diversity, historical preservation and education, arts and culture, and environmental opportunities and recreation.

Heather Davis spoke on how beautifying the area could make a difference in safety and quality of life.

“Physical appearance isn’t everything, but it does have the power to kind of shift perceptions,” she said.

Katharine Donnachie touched on things like green infrastructure and flood risks.

“We wanna get away from grass, which is the ultimate monocrop of the world. Grass is great and it’s green, but it’s just a plant. And there’s so many more productive species that we can be putting into our environments to really, really be helping not only just the water quality and helping this flood risk, but in turn helping the local environment,” she said.

Their study included ways to promote small businesses, improve quality of living, suggestions for the use of land, infrastructure design elements and more for the village of Wellsville.

Wellsville Mayor Robert Boley says he is open to many of the ideas they presented for the village. He said the art and culture area may be a good place to begin. 

“I will move to get council to pass or adopt legislation to partner with the YSU art students, the art class, that’s a start,” he said.

“The next goal would be establishing some kind of committee with various stakeholders whether it be people from the government through the Wellsville Foundation, people who want to get stuff one or are willing to work towards it,” David Thompson said.