YSU students move back to campus, glad to be back

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The students say things won't look the same, but they're glad to be back

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As summer starts to wrap up, the new school year inches closer. That means YSU Penguins are making their way back to Youngstown.

The students say as much as they know, things won’t look the same, but they’re glad to be back on campus.

After the uncertainty as to what school would look like this year, Youngstown State University students were finally able to move back on campus Sunday morning.

“A little stressed,” said Francesca Byrne, a junior, about moving back in. “But it’s a lot better than going completely online like the end last semester, but at least we’re coming back in some way, even though we have different precautions, but it’s just good to be back on campus and everything.”

Byrne says it may take some time to get used to the new precautions such as wearing a mask and hanging with friends in small groups.

But what’s important is that she’s back on campus.

“It’s very nostalgic, and it feels very good to be back on the campus that I was before and in the same area. It feels like home again,” Byrne said.

Although excited, Byrne says the pandemic put a halt to her study abroad plans that she was looking forward to.

“You just got to kind of re-evaluate everything because you can’t plan everything in life because stuff like this happens. It’s kind of a challenge, but you have to get through it,” Byrne said.

Avery Howard is a senior at YSU who serves as the Executive Vice President of Student Government. He says he assisted the administration on the school’s new protocol.

“Being apart of that was awesome. We established new hand-washing stations and protocols on staying six feet apart along with classroom changes. I feel safe about it, and I hope other students feel the same,” Howard said.

During the shutdown, both Byrne and Howard expressed that working online didn’t work well for them. So, although classes will look different, they say they prefer it this way.

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