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YSU leaders say lockdown was a learning experience

President Tressel said it highlighted what the university needs to focus on

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - It's been three days since the scare at YSU when a campus-wide lockdown was put in place after reports of a man pulling a gun during an argument. On Thursday, university administration said it was something they can learn from.

President Jim Tressel and Trustee Chair Dee Crawford said the board is now more aware of real-life situations and is taking all of the input it's received to be as prepared as possible.

"You never say it was good that something happened because that's not totally true, but raising our awareness and really helping us really focus on what...we can do because we've been able to rehearse, if you will," Tressel said.

Police said it turns out there was no gun and the "victim" lied about it being pulled on him.

Tressel said the local first responders who handled the situation did an excellent job and he is grateful no one was hurt.

Editor's note: Dee Crawford is our station's director of Community Affairs. 

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