YSU journalism program to benefit from $100,000 grant

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The donation comes from the Jane F. Lamb Charitable Foundation and will help students learn real-world, applicable skills

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Jambar TV, Youngstown State University’s student-run television station, received a $100,000 grant from the Jane F. Lamb Charitable Foundation.

“We were really excited when the foundation reached out to us and told us that Trustee Sisek was interested through the Lamb Foundation to support journalism here at YSU,” said Dr. Amy Crawford, professor and chair of the Department of Communications. “We’re really looking forward to moving forward and appreciate his and the foundation’s generosity.”

Jambar TV began last year, and the grant is going to be used to help the journalism program.

“This is going to allow us to have really a cutting-edge newsroom where students can encounter the current work environment that they’re going to find when they go out into the workforce,” Crawford said. “It’s a big update for the way that we do things, but I think the most important thing is it’s going to help students learn how this is done when they go out into the workforce.”

The TV station works in conjunction with “The Jambar,” the university’s newspaper, to create a newscast.

“We film the 30-minute news show live to tape in the studio, so it’s one take, just like it would be a live broadcast, which really gives us a great experience,” said Abigail Cloutier, a junior journalism major and executive producer of Jambar TV.

They post the newscast on the Jambar TV’s YouTube page.

“It’s really exciting, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to move up at YSU, and I’ve really appreciated all of the support that I’ve gotten in the journalism department,” said Cloutier. “It’s really, really nice to be able to get updated equipment that allows us to work as if we were in a real-life newsroom.”

That real-life newsroom experience will help students learn applicable skills that will help students hit the ground running when they graduate.

“I know that the Lamb Foundation is supporting journalism, and it’s great to have that recognized, the importance of journalism and also the importance of shaping students and student-learning experiences,” said Dr. Crawford. “This is something that students will carry with them throughout their careers, so it really is a gift that keeps giving, not only to our student experience but also the way that they give back to the community.”

Cloutier said the grant will benefit not only the Jambar TV but their newspaper partner on campus, “The Jambar.”

“We’re really excited to have the grant. We really appreciate it, and the grant also benefits the newspaper because it helps us integrate our communication a lot better, so we’re really excited to be able to continue to cover Youngstown and YSU campus.”

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