LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A thrill for some grade-schoolers in Liberty Friday.

Some members of the Youngstown State football team, including Liberty High School grad Dra Rushton, joined students at the Blott-Guy Elementary School over the lunch hour.

Administrators were looking for a way to inspire and provide some real-life role models for the kids.

“We came up with this idea to bring the YSU football players down because we really want our kids to be mentored by older individuals that they can meet with,” said Principal Andrew Scarmack.

Rushton said he is happy to give and encourages to do it, too.

“You always have to give back. Do what you can do for a community or a student body or a staff that has just done so much for me. They’ve taught me so much,” he said.

Administrators hope to make lunch meetings like Frriday’s a regular occurrence.