YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s a new place on Youngstown State University’s campus to get charged up and feel connected.

Solar powered charging stations have been installed around the fountain outside of Kilcawley Center. They look like picnic tables, but the umbrellas have solar panels which capture the sun’s energy.

The picnic tables have wireless charging stations, plus places where to plug in via USB cable or a regular power cord to get off-the-grid power — day or night. The tables came from a Michigan-based company, which has installed hundreds around America on college campuses and other public locations.

In addition to the new tables, State Rep. Al Cutrona announced Monday that $1.18 million in state money will go to the university.

The money will go toward renovations on campus, including the STEM departments’ Moser Hall, which hasn’t had an overall interior renovation in years. The auditorium will also see upgrades, and there are plans to add more classrooms as well.