YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — City police and security for the Youngstown City School District are investigating after at least two students had to be treated Tuesday after taking suspected drugs.

Youngstown officers responded to Akron Children’s Hospital around 4:25 p.m. after they received a report that two students were feeling ill from an unknown substance.

The students were listed in a police report as Wilson students, but after multiple opportunities to comment on Wednesday, a district official contacted WKBN Thursday to clarify that the students actually attend Mahoning County High School, which is housed at Wilson Alternative School but is not part of the district. The spokesperson again declined to comment further on the matter.

“Both students advised that a fellow student had provided them with what they thought was Halloween candy,” said Youngstown police Lt. Brian Butler.

A police report said the students — a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old girl — tested positive for THC.

According to a police report, one of the students told police that someone in a first-period class gave the student half a cookie.

The student ate part of the cookie, and another student ate two gummies but said they tasted funny, according to the report.

“They took several pieces of the candy. They didn’t think it tasted well, so they gave the remainder of the candy back. It wasn’t long after that they felt ill and had to go to Akron Children’s Hospital,” Butler said.

According to Youngstown police, as they were investigating the incident, they received information that a similar incident with one student happened at East High School on Tuesday as well.

The City Law Department is reviewing the report from East to see if anything can be released.

City school officials would not comment on either situation.

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Both police and a local counselor are now urging kids to not eat unknown substances.

“When we think about marijuana, you know, and even though it’s medicinally legalized in the state, there’s a whole bunch of new forms of it, and a lot of edibles that are out right now and maybe not as well kept as people would like, and they have higher levels of THC than we have ever seen before,” said Ruth Bowdish, of On Demand Healthcare.

Bowdish urged kids to be careful.

“Make sure you know what you’re getting. Make sure that you eat your own food right now. We’re not saying your friends are bad people, but there is just so much of a risk out there right now.”

The risk Bowdish is talking about is fentanyl.

“Thank God it wasn’t something more serious than THC. If it would be fentanyl, it could prove to be fatal,” Bowdish said.

The Youngstown Police Department’s Special Victims Unit is handling the investigation.