YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The Youngstown Police Department offers various internship opportunities throughout the year. This summer, two Youngstown State University students will join the crime unit for a summer of learning and growing.

Ross Huchko, a senior at YSU, practiced fingerprinting a disc in the Joseph Dematteo Crime Lab at the Youngstown Police Department. This is the type of hands-on experience that he — along with another intern, Marisela Casas — will get this summer.

“We take all these classes in forensic science and other criminal justice areas and that leads into this internship here,” said Huchko.

Casas is in her first week of this internship, and she is excited to learn how officers process evidence.

“If they do get evidence brought in, I’d like to see how they deal with it, package it and handle it,” said Casas.

Captain Jason Simon with YPD said the students will get to explore each division with a hyper-focus on the crime unit.

“They’ll be going out with our crime scene unit processing scenes. They won’t be processing themselves necessarily but they will observe the processing of scenes and the packaging and delivery of evidence,” said Simon.

Huchko also said he is looking forward to the experience.

“We’re going to be given the opportunity to see the other areas and other divisions here which I’m actually looking forward to,” said Huchko.

Simon believes this will be eye-opening for the students because they will get to be on scene watching the entire process.

“They are side to side with the crime scene technician and they will be with them any time of the day which includes call-outs early in the morning because that is part of the real-life experience of what it’s like to be in this kind of profession,” said Simon.

We plan to follow up with Huchko and Casas toward the end of the summer to see how the internship went. Simon said it’s interesting to see if the interns are still interested in the field or if they found a new path.