YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Plum Street is so out of the way that when the detective supervisor on call Saturday was informed he was needed at the scene of a homicide there, he had to ask where it was.

The street, which runs between High Street and Ridge Avenue on the lower South Side, is so quiet it is not uncommon to see turkeys, deer and the occasional fox trotting around.

But police are trying to figure out how a man in his 20s or 30s wound up shot to death about 1:55 p.m. Saturday in a home in the 500 block of Plum Street.

Lieutenant Ramon Cox, who said he was last on the street in the early 2000s to serve a search warrant as part of a drug investigation, said officers were sent to the home for what is termed an “unknown trouble” call and when they arrived they found the victim shot to death inside the home.

Cox said the elderly woman who lives in the home called police, but he added there is no connection that they know of between her and the man who was shot to death.

A woman who lives in the home called in tears and said in broken English a man she did not was in her home and the house was destroyed. The call taker then called a translation service that is used and a Spanish speaking translator with prompting from the call taker asked the woman what happened.

Through the translator, the woman said a man was in her room on the floor with a cushion covering his face and the back window was “destroyed.” She did not know if the man was alive or dead. The woman found the man after she returned home and he had a large amount of blood around his head.

Her son came on a few moments later and said “somebody’s in her room. We need the police.”

Cox said investigators are trying to find out why the man was in her house and why someone shot him inside. He said although the man was shot inside the house, he did not live there and he did not know the homeowner.

The homeowner is not suspected of firing any shots and she does not have a weapon, Cox said.

Saturday’s shooting death is the 26th homicide of the year. Last year, Youngstown had 28 homicides.

For the year, the city has seen 121 people shot overall, as compared to 98 overall in 2020. However, since the end of August, when 30 people were shot that month, Youngstown has seen 18 people shot, three fatally.

Plum Street last had a homicide in the 1990s.