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Youngstown’s Golden Dawn restaurant goes on the auction block

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Youngstown’s Golden Dawn restaurant is on the auction block.

The Golden Dawn has been closed for almost two years but it could get new life. The restaurant and equipment are being sold in an auction next month. It’s already creating a buzz, just like the place did for 83 years.

There’s not much life at the Golden Dawn right now. Boards cover the windows and doors. It’s a stark contrast to the feeling you got when visiting in its prime.

“Every time I walked in there, the atmosphere — I expected to see Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum sitting at a table with their fedoras and raincoats,” Ed Black said.

Everyone remembers the cheap breakfasts and all of the memorabilia on display.

The staff had a reputation for making everyone feel special.

“You could see regulars that they had come in all the time. The way they greeted people was almost like Cheers,” Monteen Taylor said.

Taylor owns and operates The Pit Stop just a few blocks away on Logan Avenue. She serves breakfast, seeing the success it generated at the Golden Dawn.

She called the place an icon and feels it could help the neighborhood with a rebirth.

“I just hope when someone gets it, they do as well as Golden Dawn did because I think they did a booming business,” Taylor said.

The Golden Dawn opened in 1934. The Naples family was behind it until it closed in 2017.

It’s being sold on behalf of the estate of Ralph Naples, which is in Trumbull County Probate Court.

Inside, the place looks virtually untouched from its final day.

“The place just closed down and it’s kind of a shame,” Black said. “All they do now is go through a drive-thru for french fries, to a hamburger and milkshake. It’s a shame.”

The Golden Dawn had life and was an important heartbeat of the city. Everybody knew where it was and found a way to get there.

The question now is, does anyone see value in bringing it back?

“The place has a name and if they say ‘Golden Dawn reopens under new management,’ I’m sure people will go there and, at least, see what it’s like,” Black said.

Byce Auction is handling the bidding for the restaurant, along with the bar equipment. The opening bid is $50,481.

Previews will be from noon to 1 p.m. Saturday, February 23 and noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, March 7 at 1245 Logan Avenue.

The auction closes at 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 7.

Details on the auction, as well as photos of the restaurant, can be found on Byce Auction’s website.

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