Youngstown Zoning Appeals Board split on allowing resident to raise hens in city

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Tricia D'Avignon wants to put a chicken coop on her property with several hens and use their feces for gardening

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Tuesday night, the Youngstown Board of Zoning Appeals virtually discussed whether or not to allow chickens in the city.

The topic was brought up because one resident would like to raise them on her property.

It was a split decision on whether or not Tricia D’Avignon will be allowed to have chickens on her property on Wilma Avenue, just off of Market Street.

“I currently do a lot of gardening and this would kind of be an extension of gardening on my property, to get fresh eggs from my hens,” she said.

She wants to put a 5×6 foot chicken coop on her property with several hens and use their feces for that gardening.

Her plan is approved by the health department.

“I would like to have between six and eight. A lot of the stuff that I read said that it’s good to have hens together,” D’Avignon said.

Some council members and neighbors are all for it. They’re even looking forward to the benefits.

“Were hoping for some good omelets,” said Steve Poulos.

Others aren’t on board, like councilwoman Anita Davis, who is worried about neighbors being opposed.

“I have never been very supportive of that. We lost chickens in the city legally many, many years ago and like I said, from the feedback, sure enough, I’ve only heard from two people, but the feedback was against this permit being approved,” Davis said.

The few neighbors who are against the coop are worried about not just the chickens but the other animals that it may attract, like raccoons and possums.

“Basically, I bought in the city because I didn’t want to be near animals like this. We have had a very expensive problem before with the raccoons, with the possums. I don’t want to have to pay for another trapper,” said neighbor Stacy Johns.

For now, no chickens will be allowed on Wilma Avenue.

When it came down to a vote, it was so split that they decided to hold off until February’s meeting. They plan to get written statements from neighbors and look at more information on previous cases that were approved or denied.

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