Youngstown youth football teams look for support in finding home field

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More than 300 kids from Youngstown play on the four teams without a home field.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Four teams in the Northeast Ohio Youth Football League are looking for a field to call their own.

Of the eight teams in the league, four of them are out of Youngstown. 

More than 300 kids from Youngstown play on those four teams without a home field.

“I mean it’s already volunteer work. We already come out of our own pockets, so why not have the city behind us. It’s for the kids. We do this for the kids every year, 5-7 from July to November,” said Anthony Fultz

The Youngstown Parks and Recreations Department does have field rentals available, but the costs exceed what the coaches and the league is able to pay out.

The rates to rent a field are $500 for a practice field, and $65 per day for a game field.

If each of the four teams were to rent a field for practice it would cost the league $2,000. Then, for the 13 games they have scheduled that would cost an additional $845. 

In addition to the cost of the fields, there is also a $375 fee for officers each day of a game and $180 fee for referees each game day. 

Last year, Youngstown City Schools stepped in and offered some of their fields for the teams to use. But this year the teams are without a home field. 

“I thought we were going in forward with this, like the city was going to be behind us at all times,” Fultz said.

The Titans currently practice in an open field next to East High School. Reportedly, some of the other Youngstown teams practice in old fields of schools that are no longer open. 

Many of the coaches feel it would be hard to pay for fields since they already put in their own money to assist the children playing. They are hoping someone from community may step in.

“That would be great, actually. If we could get a sponsor, anybody. We haven’t had a sponsor since about 2002,” Fultz said.

The league is hoping they will have a field before their first game in August.

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