YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In July 2019, Kristin Biggs lost her husband, Reshaud, to gun violence. Now she has released a book on how to grow through grief.

“In the mid-summer, July 14, 2019, I became a widow at 32 years,” the Youngstown woman read from her book. “I lost my other half, my lifeline, my husband, my children’s father, my 21-year relationship.”

Biggs said “Release and Unleash Through Grief” is something that has unknowingly been in the works for years.

“In our marriage, I started writing three years ago,” she said.

Then when Reshaud died, she began writing again — but this time, as a widow.

“I started writing in my notes, actually on my phone, immediately because I was…basically just releasing my thoughts,” she said.

The writing continued on good days and bad. Biggs would write to Reshaud about her days or what she was experiencing.

“You know, like, how I felt, my emotions and I was writing to him as well,” she said. “When you lose someone, it takes something out of you, you know? And it’s on a whole other level.”

After a conversation with a friend, she made the decision to start writing her book.

Biggs said her book is meant to be a guide to self-healing. It includes prayers, affirmations and prompts, as well as her own journey.

“I’m praying that I could help someone through this trial that they are experiencing because I feel like it’s very vital that we collect our thoughts and that we don’t stay stagnant in our grieving stage,” she said.

Biggs said after losing her husband, she had to think about their two children. She realized in order to care for them, she had to care for herself.

“Dig deep within yourself, release that pain, release that frustration and unleash that lion in you. The lion is so powerful.”

Biggs will be holding a book release and signing on April 24 from 6 to 8 p.m at the YWCA in Youngstown. You can buy tickets online.

You can buy “Release and Unleash Through Grief” on Amazon or by sending Biggs a Facebook message.