YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – What started out as a few pieces has turned into something much bigger.

“I wanted to bring a little holiday cheer. I actually want my little nieces and nephews and cousins and you know, just little children to come over and actually observe it and just look and just spread the holiday spirit,” said Jamelle Square-Daniels.

Square-Daniels lives in Youngstown. Three years ago, she began collecting Christmas figurines.

“It was like a little side table that was maybe three pieces. Each year, I did add piece by piece to it, and this year was the biggest year for me. So, I got a bunch of collections and added it to the little collection that I had,” she said.

Now, she has a whole village.

From brick streets to a church to small businesses. She even has some local ties in there, like a billboard for Big A’s convenience store and a theater showing movies by her husband, who’s a filmmaker.

“Over in the corner is Santasville, along the mountain piece. That’s one of my prized possessions right there,” she said.

There’s homes, people, a business district and a restaurant for her daughter, who’s a chef.

Square-Daniels said she bought many of the items online or in stores and that she and her husband built the rest.

She says next year she’ll be expanding it into the dining room to include hotels, high-rise buildings and even an airport.

Square-Daniels says if anyone would like to bring their children by to see the collection, they can reach out to her on her Facebook page.