YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – After losing her husband and son to violence, one Youngstown woman has worked hard to help others who are coping with the loss of their loved ones.

Most recently, Kristin Scott-Biggs has launched a new virtual group, Black Women Heal.

“I want people to learn how to cope with their past and present obstacles, and even during grief, you know it never really goes away,” Scott-Biggs said.

Black Women Heal is a private group on Facebook that women can join to have a safe space.

“It’s OK to be vulnerable, I want them to be vulnerable. I want them to be themselves here, like just who you are. How do you feel? Just release it,” she said.

Scott-Biggs says she wanted to create a platform where women would be able to connect with others going through similar struggles. A place to uplift and support one another.

“I sometimes feel like I don’t know how I’m gonna heal, but when I see people going through, like they lost their child 15 years ago and I see them, that makes me feel like, ‘OK, I know there’s gonna be something that’s gonna help me one day,'” she said.

Kristin Biggs, 2021

Scott-Biggs has taken several initiatives in the past few years, including writing a book, holding community events and becoming a public speaker to help others who are hurting.

In addition to the Facebook group, Scott-Biggs created Black Women Heal Resides Here coaching where women can receive weekly coaching to help with things like mental health, healing and more.

“It’s to provide strategies that promote self-love, healing, love, growth and basically to help you elevate through your life trials,” Scott-Biggs said.

Kristin Scott-Biggs, India Monae

Scott-Biggs has also teamed up with financial educator India Monae to host a Release and Revive Wellness Retreat.

Anyone interested in more information on the Black Women Heal Resides Here coaching or the wellness retreat can visit

Anyone interested in joining the Black Women Heal Facebook support group can find it here.