YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Those driving through school zones in the city of Youngstown might want to remember to watch their speed. There will soon be traffic cameras in place to catch those going too fast.

Starting Monday, workers will begin installing poles and equipment to mount the cameras in and around school zones throughout the city. The units will be able to clock a vehicle’s speed as well as capture an image of the license plate.

“If people know that these cameras are there and that they are going to capture their license plate, they are going to slow down and the kids in my neighborhood will be that much safer – end of story,” said Anita Davis, councilmember.

Those caught speeding will be sent citations in the mail. Eventually, more than 40 of the cameras will be in service.

In addition to the school zone speed cameras, the safety committee could soon decide on cameras to help spot vehicles used in crimes.

Those photos of the vehicle and license plate can be uploaded to a network to help police track the movements of suspects wanted for crimes in Youngstown and around the country.

“It’s not a guarantee, but it’s just one more tool. It’s one more thing of deterrence and for people to say maybe it’s just not worth it, me getting caught,” Davis said.

Davis says she’d like to see the cameras mounted in areas that have increased police activity. City Council as a whole would need to go along with the idea.