Youngstown tenants worry building owner will make them leave to make repairs

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The eight tenants at 145 East Midlothian Boulevard are using portable space heaters

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There is a big dispute in Youngstown. It’s between tenants of a multi-unit building and the owner.

The eight tenants at 145 East Midlothian Boulevard are using portable space heaters. They are being provided by the group which manages the property. The boiler system is down.

“It’s been terrible. The heat is the biggest problem,” said Angel Whitted.

The residents are on edge because they want the problem fixed, and they anticipate a letter from the management company.

“To get a letter to tell me I gotta leave. It’s like uh, for what?” Fred Williams said.

Kathy Hammond doesn’t own the property, she manages it.

“They’re mad because I’m telling them they need to move for their safety and for the covering of the owner to let us get that place totally up to code. We can’t work around them in there,” Hammond said.

The situation is tough for Tionia Napier. She just moved in.

“Shouldn’t nobody feel like they have to put up and leave every time a situation happens or something gets broken,” Napier said.

Some of the renters have sought legal advice on the situation. One thing is for sure, the building needs repairs.

Hammond said eight of the building’s units are rented, and she’s willing to help them find a place to stay.

The owner of the building is not registered with the city, however, city officials would like to talk with that person.

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