YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) -Ohio School Report cards look different this year. Schools are no longer rated with a letter grade.

This year’s reports used a star-based system, rating the schools on a scale of one to five: Achievement, progress, gap closing, graduation, and early literacy.

One star means a school needs to improve, three stars means they’re meeting standards and five is exceeding standards.

This year, the state is not doing an overall star grade. That will be part of next year’s report card.

Youngstown City Schools have struggled with the report card for years. There is some improvement this year. The district received three stars on gap closing.

“There were some celebrations. The gap closing was definitely an area that we saw some growth in and for us, that’s a key component because we really focused on growth in order to close gaps to meet proficiency,” said Deputy Superintendent Jeremy Batchelor. “

Batchelor says they have come up with an Academic Improvement Plan to continue this growth.

“Our plans are pretty strategic and intentional. We have three umbrellas: Literacy, math and then culture and climate,” he said.

Batchelor says school improvement doesn’t happen overnight, but they are working hard at it with what he calls a well-thought-out plan and consistent leadership “for the first time in a long time.”

Batchelor says this year’s results gave them a lot of hope and encouragement.