YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Tuesday night, the president of the Youngstown School Board asked that CEO Justin Jennings be hired immediately as superintendent, bypassing a nationwide search or any community discussion.

In the end, the board voted to table the discussion until its Feb. 22 meeting, though it appears Jennings may have the inside track for the job once a decision is made.

President Tiffany Patterson surprised almost everyone at the school board meeting when she made the motion on Jennings’ future.

“To bring CEO Jennings on as our superintendent,” she said.

Patterson wanted a vote immediately to make Jennings superintendent of the Youngstown Schools because she said Jennings knows the system and because the state has agreed to pay his salary for three years.

“I don’t think it would be wise to bring someone else new in that would want to put their own footprint on a plan that’s already in place,” Patterson said.

“So I’m asking that this discussion is tabled until a later date,” said school board member Brenda Kimble.

Kimble loudly protested that any vote on hiring Jennings as superintendent be delayed.

“You just can’t decide to bring a resolution like that and say that you’re going to take it away, and you haven’t discussed it with the board members. You can’t do that,” Kimble said.

Before the discussion on the superintendent, Reverend Ken Simon, who has monitored the school board for years, asked that a more detailed agenda be made available in the future.

“We just ask that we have accountability and transparency, and we ask that this board works cooperatively,” Rev. Simon said.

Rev. Simon was later opposed to hiring Jennings, saying it went against the transparency and cooperation he had just recommended.

After an executive session, the board voted unanimously to delay the matter until its Feb. 22 meeting.

Jennings says he wants the job.

“It’s a new board. It’s seven individual members and there’s still a learning curve so we just have to work on a learning curve,” Jennings said.

Earlier, Dr. John Richard, chairman of the Academic Distress Commission overseeing the Youngstown Schools, announced the commission would now cooperate in the transition of the school board retaking control of the schools.

Richard previously said the commission would not cooperate because he claimed some Youngstown School Board members caused Jennings to lose a job in Akron.

Richard said he changed his mind because it was one specific incident and the commission has worked well with the board in the past.