YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s a big weekend for The Vindys – the Youngstown rock band released their new song “Bugs” Friday, which is also the title track off their new album, dropping Saturday.

They’re performing at the Youngstown Amphitheatre Saturday night. A former warehouse on Youngstown’s lower west side is where The Vindy’s held a Friday night rehearsal.

Lead singer Jackie Popovec took the band through their new song “Bugs.”

“It’s a maturity of the next level of The Vindys,” Popovec said.

The result of that maturity is the 10-song album.

“It really has a nice balance of what you’d might expect from The Vindys, but a little bit more,” said guitarist Rick Deak.

The album was recorded early in 202 at Canfield’s Court Street Recording Studio. The pandemic delayed the release. Previously, Popovec had written most of the songs and the band handled its own overdubs. But their new album is more of a collaboration of every band member and some outside professionals.

“This guy Ryan West, who’s now a New York based producer, mixing guy, has worked with Jay-Z and Eminem. He mixed one of the tracks. So having ears like that on a record makes a huge difference,” said drummer Ed Davis.

“So I would say this time around we trust each other a lot more with our sound and know exactly what we want out of a Vindy’s sound now,” Popovec said.

“Bugs” is centered around Popovec’s voice and lyrics.

“The band doesn’t exist around her. We would probably do something very different,” Davis said.

“She has this ‘it’ factor, in my opinion and she just has a powerhouse vocal,” Deak said.

The Vindy’s have become a popular regional band – but what will it take to go national?

“The trick to just success in general as a musician is just to do it,” Popovec said.

“If we continue to do the shows that we’re doing it will just gradually happen and at that point there will be no stopping us,” Deak said.