YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – You know you’re from Youngstown if you’ve stood in line for ice cream in sub-freezing temperatures, or posted a picture on social media of others doing it.

Tuesday, the ice cream came to residents at Youngstown’s Calvary Towers.

Five hundred Lenny’s PB&J ice cream sandwiches were donated to the residents. It’s part of a larger donation made by Leonard Fisher of Handel’s Ice Cream, in keeping with the company’s community tradition.

The donation came out of a discussion with Second Harvest Food Bank.

“You know, I got 2,500 sandwiches. They’re going to expire by next May. We’re not going to sell a lot through the winter. I said, ‘Well, before we make another run, let’s give rid of these,'” said Leonard Fisher, chairman of the Board of Handel’s Ice Cream.

The rest of the 2,000 ice cream sandwiches will be given away this week at various places featuring seniors or veterans.