Youngstown resident says flooding, property damage ‘constant issue’ in her neighborhood

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Saturday rolled in with heavy rainfall and some flooding in the valley. Youngstown’s Brownlee Woods neighborhood experienced some major flooding over the weekend.

The neighborhood is right off Midlothian. Many residents experienced flooded front lawns and basements, and the curb was scattered with ruined mattresses, chairs and photo albums on Sheridan Road and Weston Avenue.

One resident told First News the water in the street was up to her son’s knees.

“You have a house and you can’t even use your basement because it floods three feet deep, and it’s sewage water. It’s not just regular water…. it’s sewage and mud that comes up your drains,” homeowner Lori Mitchum said.

She’s lived in her home for about six years and said the flooding is a constant issue for her and her neighbors. Saturday, her basement had about three feet of sewage water in it. She talked to the sanitation department who told her the lines are working properly.

“I did talk to the sanitation department when they came out today to check the lines… of course by the time they came out today, the water had receded… and they tell me basically that it is working as designed, that it has a heavy overflow and it has nowhere else to go so it comes into your basement,” Mitchum said.

Mitchum said it saddened her to see all of her neighbors bringing flood-damaged items to the side of the road and wants her voice to be heard.

“I just want somebody to come out and help. Send somebody out. Something has got to give,” Mitchum said.

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