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Youngstown police seize several drugs strategically hidden in house

Drugs were hidden throughout the house and in the garage

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Youngstown police found several different kinds of drugs from cocaine and heroin to fentanyl strategically hidden inside a house on the south side of the city. 

According to a police report, officers raided a house Wednesday on E. Philadelphia Avenue. Inside, they found two bags of heroin, 2 bags of cocaine, a digital scale, surveillance system, and over $1,700 in cash. They also found a safe and money counter in the attic.  

As officers continued their search, they found hollowed-out hiding spaces behind bricks in the garage that contained 17 suboxone strips, three bags of cocaine, 2 bags of fentanyl and pills. Police also found a loaded gun and ammunition in the hiding spaces. 

Zip Lock baggies and a bag of syringes were also found, the report stated. 

Officers arrested 33-year-old Chad Little. He is facing several charges of drug possession. 

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