YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Kids waiting for the school bus and people waking up watched early Friday as city police searched two South Side streets for a rifle after receiving reports that several gunshots were fired.

Officers converged on the 900 block of East Philadelphia Avenue after receiving calls that a man was walking up South Avenue with a semiautomatic rifle and fired several shots.

Police searched yards, garages, flower beds and trash cans in the 900 block of East Philadelphia Avenue and also some back yards in the 900 block of East Florida Avenue.

One person was detained in a cruiser but it is unclear if he was under arrest or just being questioned.

Several neighbors reported hearing several shots and said the gunfire is not exactly a new experience.

One neighbor asked an officer why they were there and when an officer responded, “gunfire,” the neighbor replied: “Shocker. There’s gunfire every day.”

A small girl was waiting for the school bus with her mother at East Florida and Homestead avenues and watched as police searched the neighborhood.

Officers searched for about 45 minutes before they left. They never found a weapon.