Youngstown police looking for info on Pennsylvania woman missing since June

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The lead detective on the case said he is concerned because Krickett Reinbold has not been heard from since June

Missing Person, Krickett Rinebold

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – When adults go missing, the cases are hard ones for police. That’s because, as adults, they can legally come and go as they please and sometimes they just decide to go without telling anybody, including close family members.

That’s the dilemma always facing Youngstown Police Detective Sgt. Ron Barber, who has investigated homicides and missing persons cases for the last five years.

But one thing that always sticks in the back of his mind, he said, is the longer someone goes without being in touch, the more he tends to worry, even if they are adults.

That is how he feels about a current case, that of 37-year-old Krickett Reinbold, of Tunkhannock, Pa.

Reinbold was reported missing June 23 but she was last in contact with family members June 15, when they began to worry about her because of a cryptic Facebook message they said came from her.

We weren’t able to get in touch with her family members. A recorded message for the family’s phone number said the number had been changed.

Family members said in June that Reinbold, who had been known to use heroin, had been in Youngstown living with a man on the west side before she disappeared.

Barber said police were able to search her room when Reinbold was reported missing and found nothing out of the ordinary. He said he has also traced down a lead to East Cleveland where someone had a possible sighting of her, but that lead did not pan out. He also met with people who worked with her.

When he met with family members, Barber collected DNA from them and submitted the samples to all of the national missing person databases. He is in the process of submitting dental records now.

The fact that no one has spoken to her since June makes him worried.

“Now we’re into October and there’s been no contact, and the fact no one has seen her or heard from her is, obviously, concerning,” Barber said. “These cases, to me, are always a challenge because she’s an adult and there’s no obvious signs of foul play.”

Compounding matters is when her room was searched, her computer was still there, along with personal photos that she kept, Barber said.

Barber said he tries to work the case as much as possible when he is in between other cases, but sometimes a fresh case takes priority. He added, however, that he follows up on any tips he gets immediately.

He said he even looks for her whenever he is on another case and is driving in the city. If he sees someone who matches her description, he will pull over and give that person a closer look to see if it’s Reinbold.

As the days go by, however, he said the concern for her well-being grows.

“What it ultimately comes down to for me is every day that passes, no one has heard from her,” Barber said.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts can call detectives at 330-742-8911.

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