YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — City police handed out awards at their annual award ceremony this week.

Twenty-eight officers were recognized while William Royal won the civilian recognition award.

Winning the Police Excellent Duty Award was Detective Sgt. Robert Gentile. Gentile, who became a homicide detective in 2020, has solved nine of the 13 cases assigned to him, a solve rate of 69 percent.

Gentile was able to clear those cases while also investigating other crimes such as burglary and felonious assaults. The FBI says the national clearance rate for homicides as of 2021 is 50 percent.

Also recognized for their work in a November 2018 triple homicide in which an infant was killed were Detective Sergeants Ron Barber, Michael Cox and Michael Lambert. Their work culminated in an indictment in 2019 and a trial earlier this year in which the two defendants were found guilty by a jury.

Barber was the lead investigator on the case.

Other officers honored with awards were as follows:

  • Valor Award: Officer Josh Rivers
  • Investigative Award: Detective Sergeants Jessica Shields, Jerry Fulmer and Chad Zubal
  • Meritorious Service Award: Detective Sergeant Chris Staley, Officers Mike Quinn, Christopher Weibel, Jordan Devine-Jones, Amir Khan and Carlos Eggleston Jr.
  • Firearm Recovery Award: Khan, Rivers, Officers Casey Kelly, Zachary Scott, Jimmy Hughes Jr., Luis Villaplana and Fred Herdman
  • Letter Of Commendation: Scott (2), Khan (3), Kelly (2), Detective Sgt. Ryan Laatsch, Officers Alex Wharry, Brian Ferreri, John O’Neill Jr., Andrew Balog, James Rowely, Detective Sgt. Travis Kis, Officers Mike Medvec, Shawna-Cie Ott, Eggleston Jr. (2), Villaplana and Fulmer