YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — One of the most important pieces of equipment any police officer has is their bullet proof vest.

Thanks to an Akron-based nonprofit, now all of the Youngstown Police Department’s dogs have vests, too.

The vests were delivered for the department’s four dogs this week by Medals on the Wall, a nonprofit run by Mike Krumins of Akron.

Krumins has been sponsoring races for the last four years to raise funds to buy vests for dogs. Medals on the Wall sponsored its first race last year, and when it was completed, the organization was able to donate four vests to Youngstown police and an additional three vests to other departments.

The department’s dogs are Haus, who is handled by officer Joe Wess Jr.; Apollo, who is handled by officer Amir Khan; Spawn, who is handled by officer Jacob Short; and Goose, who is handled by Detective Sgt. Josh Kelly.

Wess said it was Krumins who contacted him about the vests, which go for $799, Wess said. With shipping and other costs added in, the price can be $1,000, Wess said.

Krumins said he had a contact at the Summit County Courthouse who knew that Youngstown police had a need for the vests, which was how he was able to supply them.

Wess said the vests are almost completely bullet proof and will stop any pistol round up to a .357-Magnum. The vests are heavy, however, so the dogs will only have them on in dangerous situations, such as entry into a building with an armed suspect or a traffic stop of an armed or dangerous person.

The vests are fitted for the dogs by how much they weigh, Wess said. Haus tips the scales at 80 pounds, so the vest he has is more suitable for him. Wess said.

They also fit snuggly and offer complete protection to a dog’s torso.

Wess said he and the other dog handlers are very appreciative of Krumins for his help.

Krumins said it’s a team effort to help raise the effort to supply vests to dogs in departments across the state.

A date for the next fundraiser has not been set yet, but anyone who wants more information can look up the Facebook page for Medals on the Wall.