Youngstown paving project halted due to sinkhole

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A neighbor we talked to said there are always water main breaks in the area and he wouldn't be surprised if the ground is eroded

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A paving project on Youngstown’s west side came to a halt Wednesday, leaving a big hole in the road.

Crews with the Ohio Department of Transportation were hoping to finish their paving project on Arden Boulevard in the next couple of days, but the road had other plans.

“Our crews were out on State Route 625 this morning and a sinkhole appeared while the contractor was milling out the road there,” said Ray Marsch, with ODOT.

An asphalt grinding machine got stuck when the sinkhole opened up and a tow truck had to come pull it out.

ODOT is in charge of the paving project but the city is looking into the issue.

“They’re going to come up with a solution and figure out what happened, and we’re going to be in coordination with them,” Marsch said.

The entire paving project is supposed to be completed in September. Marsch said he’s not sure if this will impact the completion date.

Neighbors on Cascade Drive are worried it will impact the water main replacement project happening on their street.

“There’s been so many water line breaks on this road. If you look at the road, you can see how bad and deplorable it is,” Gregg Baker said.

The water department said the project, which will run from Arden to W. Midlothian boulevards, has been delayed about a month-and-a-half because of COVID-19.

They’re not sure why there’s been so many waterline breaks, but think soil conditions and degraded pipes could be reasons.

Baker thinks the issues on his street may have had something to do with the sinkhole.

“With all the waterline breaks, it’s probably eroded underneath. With the ground underneath the road, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were more sinkholes that happened.”

The water main replacement project is expected to start back up sometime this year, costing nearly $700,000.

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