YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown State University students are returning to the classroom for the fall semester.

Last week, residents moved into dormitories and campus housing.

The university’s annual Welcome Week, which celebrates the start of the school year, began Sunday night, and this year’s theme is “Adventure Awaits.”

Directors say in addition to a new branding campaign, students will also notice an increase of students coming from outside Ohio and the U.S., with 1,000 expected to enroll coming from countries around the world.

“You’re seeing this culture shift and a bit of mixing of more an international sense of what campus is, and I think that is great. It really adjusts that fabric that we have as a university,” said Ross Morrone, chief marketing officer for YSU.

It continues Monday with different activities from arts and crafts to games and giveaways.

Students can find a complete list of events on YSU’s website