YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The sister of a man who was shot Tuesday following a traffic accident said she wants people to know that using guns to settle disputes causes a ripple effect.

Octavia Jones said her brother, who she did not want to name, was shot several times after he was sideswiped by a car about 8 a.m. on the North Side.

Her brother followed the other car to see if he could get insurance information from the driver. Instead, the driver “ambushed him,” said city police Chief of Detectives Capt. Jason Simon and shot him several times, including in the face.

Octavia, on the phone from the hospital where her brother is undergoing another surgery, said he could lose vision in his right eye.

“I just want the person to be found, and I want the community to know that it is not ok to use guns to settle arguments,” she said.

Octavia said her brother is 38 years old and a graduate of The Rayen School. She said he is a hard worker as a full-time installer. He was on his way to work on the Madison Avenue Expressway when he was sideswiped by another car.

The other car didn’t stop, so her brother followed it to see if he could get insurance information from the driver. The car stopped in the area of Foster Street, and the suspect got out and fired several shots at the victim.

The passenger in the other car drove away and left the suspect stranded on Foster Street while the victim managed to drive himself to the hospital and gave police the license plate of the other car. Police traced it to a home in the 200 block of Lansdowne Boulevard, on the East Side, and towed it for evidence.

Police looked around the area of Foster Street for the suspect but could not find him.

A couple of hours later, a warrant was issued charging a 21-year-old man with attempted murder. He has yet to be found.

Octavia said it is hard for her to believe that someone would want to hurt her brother.

“How could this happen? Why?” Octavia said. “He’s never been in any kind of trouble. To know him is to love him.”

Police ask that anyone with information get in touch with detectives at 330-742-8911 or call CrimeStoppers Youngstown at 330-746-CLUE.