YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — With Thanksgiving around the corner and families preparing to gather around a dinner table, the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley is working to bring the holiday tradition to them with a little help from some motorcycle riders.

Boxes at the Rescue Mission were filled with turkeys, canned food, all the fixings — and who can forget about the pie?

It’s the fifth Tony “Bear” Landis Turkey Trott. Motorcyclists meet up, and with the help of donations, they head to a grocery store. With the money raised, they get the food and head to the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley.

“I started this five years ago, called on all my brothers and sisters to help me out and this is who comes out for me,” Landis said.

Landis said last year, the group rounded up close to 90 turkeys to give to families. This year, it’s even more.

“This year, we did 150 turkeys and close to $2,000 worth of fixings,” Landis said.

“We just thank God for their heart. We thank God for their passion. They don’t love this, they are in love with this,” said one Rescue Mission volunteer, known as Miss Dee by many.

The Rescue Mission serves hundreds of meals a day. The food donated to them will help feed those that come to the mission.

“Everything they’re donating today is going to be put into our food pantry to be able to serve three full meals to anyone in the community who needs it, 365 days a year, here,” said Lynn Wyant, with the Rescue Mission.

And even though it’s called the Tony “Bear” Landis Turkey Trot, he couldn’t do it without a little help from his friends.

“Met Bear from something I did, a charity that he came out and supported, and when I heard about the Turkey Trott last year, came out and it’s so humbling,” said Dan Fetherolf, with Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

“It’s very rewarding. These people need a little help — especially around the holidays — and we can do what little bit we do to help them out,” said Dave Patrick, with Teamster Horsemen.

“This is what we love to do. We ride our bikes and love to give back to the community and help out,” Landis said.

T.J. Renninger contributed to this report.