YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A fight led to a large police presence at Mahoning County High School late Thursday morning.

Multiple departments, including sheriff’s deputies and Youngstown police as well as juvenile probation officers, were called out at 10:40 a.m. for reports of a large fight at the school on Gibson Street, which is housed in part of the Woodrow Wilson Alternative School. There were more than a dozen cruisers at the school at the height of the ordeal.

According to investigators, 25-30 total students were involved in the disturbance.

A school official told First News that four students were involved in the actual altercation with three additional students also involved at times.

Dr. Jennifer Merritt said the altercation lasted for approximately 30 seconds as staff and on-site deputies at the school were present and separated the students.

“The Mahoning Valley Community School has been committed to providing a quality education to our students in a trauma-informed environment,” Meritt said in a statement. “We believe that every student deserves an opportunity to learn and have access to pathways that will improve their outcomes and will continue to open our doors every day and provide each one of our students with hope.”

Authorities say no weapons were involved in the fight and no injuries were reported.

“But it did warrant enough of a disturbance where we needed to call for additional cars and backup to come out to the scene, which is what happened,” said Mahoning County Sheriff jerry Greene. “The sheriff’s office responded, the city of Youngstown responded and we had to get everything sorted out.”

According to the sheriff, no weapons were involved, and no one was hurt. At this point, no charges have been filed.

Nadine Grimley, Kristen Hephner and Joe Gorman contributed to this report.