YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – State lawmakers in Columbus will be looking into the way the Ohio High School Athletic Association organizes playoff tournaments.

This week, OHSAA agreed to reduce ticket prices for those buying playoff tickets at the gate for games. This came after lawmakers introduced legislation in Columbus.

Republican House Speaker Jason Stephens told reporters that charging one fee for online tickets at a higher rate at the game did not seem fair, and he wanted to see a light cast on what the Association is doing.

“I am concerned that the money that involved with it, you know, becomes more of a focus than the actual accomplishments on the field,” said Stephens. “So we’re going to have hearings on those bills or the bill in the house, there’s one in the senate that’s identical.”

Stephens said lawmakers will have some questions for OHSAA directors but hopes the issues can be resolved before the current football tournament season is finished.