YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Twelve Park Vista apartment tenants attended Wednesday evening’s Youngstown City Council meeting to listen as their councilwoman, Samantha Turner, read a letter about problems at their apartment building.

For over a year, First News has followed the problems with the garage at the Park Vista senior living community on Youngstown’s Fifth Avenue, which have been corrected so the garage can be used.

But at Wednesday’s city council meeting, many other problems came to light that could threaten the future viability of one of Youngstown’s elite properties.

“Park Vista’s north residents are being forced to move from Park Vista Independent Living because of the management has failed to provide safe living conditions,” Turner said.

A major concern is Park Vista’s roof — damaged in a March wind storm — where shreds of blue tarp can be seen dangling from one corner. The water is leaking into the building at such a rate that mushrooms are growing from the carpeting of an 11th floor apartment.

“It has a sign out. These are luxury apartments,” said resident Barbara Brothers. “They’re not even safe … for anyone.”

Brothers, a tenant at Park Vista, said the building is about 60% occupied — but people are moving out every day.

“A long[time] couple on the top floor is moving out tomorrow, and she’s in tears today. She’s 90. They planned to be there,” Brothers said.

Along with the roof problems, Park Vista also has regular elevator failures; there’s no longer a 24-hour emergency call system, and the maintenance staff has been reduced. The general upkeep has made the building — according to residents — an eyesore.

“Again, the grounds are littered with debris, dead trees, some of which have fallen as far back as March 25,” Turner said.

Park Vista is owned by a limited liability company in New York City, and is managed by a Cleveland company. First News reached out for comment but has yet to receive a response.

First News Reporter Stan Boney: “You get no response from them, basically?”
Brothers: “No.”

The residents haven’t heard anything either.