YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Chuck Gisewhite’s mother battled cancer, so he started a yearly rock and roll fundraiser to raise money to help other cancer patients. When he contacted St. Joe’s Hospital in Warren, they were happy to oblige.

St. Joe’s didn’t have a cancer fund program set up though. So they created the “Care Closet” in late September. The Rock for Care fundraiser was the biggest yet. On Friday, Chuck presented the check for $5,200 to help patients suffering from cancer. Mark Mellott from the hospital says it’s the little things that matter most.

“Bridges the gap for our patients at St. Joe’s Cancer Center. and really supports the resources that those patients really need. Anywhere from common household items, gas, taxi vouchers, food, you know those really common things that they’re burdened with on a daily basis,” Mellott said.

They made $1,200 more than last year and have already set a goal of 10,000 for next year.