YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There was a surprise during a school assembly on Wednesday in the Youngstown City School District. It’s a major gift for one of the schools and the money will be used wisely.

A big honor for Youngstown Rayen Early College. A $17,000 award from a co-partnership between two big computer companies. The school was one of nine chosen in the U.S. to receive the money.

“It will be a great impact for our scholars. It gives them experience,” said Principal Monica Jones.

Thousands of retail sellers competed and one of the groups that won picked the Early College to receive the gift. The money will buy six gaming laptops and monitors loaded with eSports curricula.

“Now, this builds our capacity to refine our skills and dip in some water that we haven’t been in before. So this allows our kids to be in what is happening right now in education in the 21st century,” Jones said.

Youngstown Rayen Early College was a 5-star school on the most recent state report card. The students will learn coding and gaming.

The Early College will start its own eSports team. It had been part of the district-wide team at East High School.

“Scholars grow when they get different experiences and that’s what we’re about here [at] Early College, to let them know there is a life outside of where you come from and that life is abundant and that life is fun and that life is innovative,” Jones said.

After buying the computer equipment, the school should have $5,000 left over to spend on related needs for the program.