YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Spooky decorations are usually just set up for Halloween, but for one house in Youngstown, they’re up all year long.

At a Canfield Road home on the city’s West Side, sit four skeletons. They look like they’re racing to see who will finish first. It’s just the latest theme for these decorations.

“There’s a lot of joggers going around,” said homeowner Matt Kos. “I thought it would be fun having them compete against each other.”

Photos sent to WKBN by Kos’ mother, Sonia, show the skeletons in different costumes and scene changes.

The family decided to leave them up after Halloween, two years ago.

“We really didn’t want it to just be propped up. We wanted it to tell a story,” said Kos. “After Halloween was over, we thought, why not put them out on Christmas, thinking of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.'”

The family had to come up with more creative ideas when there wasn’t a holiday to dress up the skeletons for.

“My personal favorite is because I’m a wrestling fan, we did a WrestleMania one where we had a skeleton holding up the belt between the two guys,” said Kos. “We did a golf one, which was really fun, with them playing golf. Then, of course, the swimming one was fun.”

It’s something that has caught the attention of those who either drive or walk by.

“Well, now everyone calls us the skeleton house,” said Kos. “It’s pretty fun to have people getting joy. People just drive by and actively look for our yard.”

So what about this year’s Halloween? Kos said you’ll just have to wait.

“We want to keep it quiet because they want people excited about it, but I’ll just say there’s going to be some monster theme to it.”