YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On Oct. 22, 7-year-old De’Vonte Housley, Jr. was killed in a gun accident in Youngstown. One week later, his grandmother is speaking out about his memory.

Tearing up, Carla Molina discussed the many memories she shared with Housley, whom she had custody of until he was 6 years old.

“He’ll come out the room and, ‘I just want to tell you, I love you,’ give you a hug and walk on back in the room,” Molina said.

She talked about his love of basketball, football and video games. She said he was a popular and charismatic little kid who lit up everyone’s lives.

“Just 5 minutes with him, you would have fell in love with him. He was just one of those kids that were just so sweet, like, oh, my goodness,” Molina said.

She said the pain since his death has been unimaginable and that she doesn’t wish this pain on anyone.

Housley was killed in an accidental shooting at a home on Marmion Avenue.

Molina raised him until his mother regained custody in 2021.

“Everything in that room belongs to De’Vonte. Do you understand? I can open the closet. He still has brand new clothes hanging in the closet,” Molina said.

She said she has so many questions about the circumstances around his death.

“I never, never, ever, ever, ever want to see this happen again. My last vision of my baby is lying in a body bag,” Molina said.

She said she wants justice for what happened and for the truth to come to light so no one has to experience the pain she is going through.

“If I can save one baby, so help me, Jesus. That’s what my goal is, is to save one baby,” Molina said. “I will not be silenced. At the end of the day, he did not die in vain, and I mean that I am going to fight until I cannot fight anymore.”

Youngstown police are still investigating the circumstances and working with prosecutors to determine if charges will be filed.