YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – You may think Taylor Swift and the Eras Tour is the biggest thing in music. But have you heard of the Feral Cats? They brought the house down again at the Greater Youngstown Italian Fest, as they do every time they’re on stage.

The Feral Cats know how to start a show. The first song is no warm-up. It gets everyone on stage and the crowd rocking.

“The idea is to give them like a rock and roll fantasy,” said Jason Murphy, the band’s director.

The Feral Cats are real-life rockers. They’re part of the music program at Purple Cat. On stage, they’re heroes. Eric Trebus is the lead drummer.

“Music is inside me. I love doing this for you guys out there,” Trebus.

The Feral Cats have plenty of stage presence. There’s a large group of musicians and everyone sings along. They perform originals and cover classic songs. Mikey Alex loves being on stage.

“I am pretty good with the ukulele and when it’s my turn to sing. I just grabbed the microphone and I just like sing the song like there’s no tomorrow,” Alex said.

The band has been playing for about nine years. They have a merchandise table. You can buy a Feral Cats sticker, or 8X10 pictures of the band members, which they would love to autograph.

“Confidence. Oh, my the confidence sometimes it can be challenging,” Murphy said.

The band is halfway through its annual Nine Lives Tour. The Italian Fest stage was a big performance.

The Feral Cats have a large group of fans, who love to sing along. The music program has no shortage of people wanting to participate.

“Well, everyone loves music. So, it’s one of the ways to get them out into the community,” Murphy said.

And the Cats roared on stage at the Italian Fest. Every performance is purr-fect. The band loves being in the spotlight and loves their fans.

“This is your city and my city. We all connect each other,” Trebus said.

You can hear the Feral Cats next Saturday, Aug. 12 at Boardman Park, and they will be playing on Saturday during the Canfield Fair.