YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown’s sixth ward has a new addition coming to one of its playgrounds. A splash pad is being built at Glenwood Community Park.

Glenwood Community Park has sat on Youngstown’s South Side for a decade. Sixth ward councilwoman Anita Davis says it gets a lot of activity but needs to be modernized.

“Everything here is functional but it’s not quite the eye appeal,” she said.

Davis says it’s about time for some upgrades, that’s why she has been pushing to install a splash pad at the park using American Rescue Plan funds. She says it has been a long time coming but now, it’s officially happening.

Davis says the splash pad is something the community has been very vocal about in their interest.

“Once we got these dollars, and the people said, when we did our surveys and things, they said, ‘Hey, we want a playground in the sixth ward.’ Something that I’ve been advocating all along, and they said, ‘We want things for our kids to do.’ Where else would they play? In the street?” Davis said.

Davis estimates the splash pad alone will cost about $175,000. She says they also plan to spruce up the park and add some color.

“Something so simple as the bike rack and the benches and things, they are really not very eye-popping,” Davis said.

She hopes this will allow kids and families to get even more usage out of the park.

“When you see these splash pads over at Mill Creek Park, over at Wick Park, down in Brownlee Woods area, you see the kids just have a blast. They love it,” Davis said.

Davis says that’s exactly what she’s hoping to see.

They plan to dig up an area of the playground around May. Davis expects the splash pad to be ready by next summer.