YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Some students in Youngstown got to hit the mat at a kickboxing class, all for an after-school program that helps the students develop in and out of the classroom.

This kickboxing class is just part of the Concept Young Scholars Program at the Horizon Science Academy in Youngstown.

“You know, we’re teaching the kids to push their limits, to do certain things different. Everybody can play,” says coach Jason Ray, a teacher at Horizon Science Academy.

The program helps kids with homework and academics, and focuses on building confidence, volunteerism and helping with academic challenges.

“It helps me look forward to what high school I’m going to go to,” said Horizon eighth-grader Dav’On Perry. “If I keep my grades up, then I’m going to be able to go to any high school, then it’s going to lead me out of college with good grades.”

About 25 seventh- and eighth-graders participated in Saturday’s program.

“Otherwise, I’d just be sitting in the house,” Perry said. “I’m happy to be a part of this because they make me want to go do stuff.”

Joe Lantz owns the kickboxing studio.

“I don’t know that a lot of them always have the opportunity to be exposed to something like this,” Lantz said. “I thought to myself, you know, if one kid gets interested in fitness and fitness business or being more fit themselves, it would be a positive thing.”

Ray says the program has only expanded, and they hope to keep doing it in the future.