YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — For the second time this month, jury selection has been derailed in the retrial of a man accused of the 2009 murder of a missing Smith Township teen.

Jury selection was to get underway today before Judge Maureen Sweeney in Mahoning County Pleas Court for Robert Lindsey Moore, 52, who is accused of the murder of Glenna Jean White, 17.

However, the process was put on hold because a prosecution witness was arrested Saturday on a felonious assault charge.

The woman was arrested following an incident at a store, defense attorney Lou DeFabio said. Her case is set for arraignment today in Alliance Municipal Court.

DeFabio said he can not forward with his case unless the witness is available for cross examination.

A new trial date of Oct. 2 was picked.

Jurors were called Aug. 7 to be selected for the second trial but that was delayed after an issue over an expert witness. Judge Sweeney had to postpone the trial to have a hearing on the witness’ status.

Moore was indicted in December 2021 by a grand jury 

He went on trial in May 2022 but a jury failed to reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared. Prosecutors opted to try him again.

White was last seen alive on June 2, 2009, at an Alliance home where she had been drinking with several people, including Moore. Prosecutors said White claimed Moore tried to rape her and Moore angrily took her home. That was the last time White was seen alive. Her body has never been found.

When Moore returned, he was covered in mud and blood. A witness testified Moore claimed he was stopped at a stop sign in front of a bar when White jumped out of the car and then three men from the bar jumped him and beat him up.

His previous defense attorney objected several times to allowing prosecutors to tell jurors about that case, saying it would prejudice juries against his client, but Judge Sweeney overruled each objection

There was also testimony during the first trial that White had a troubled life and had run away. There was also testimony that she had been spotted several times after she was supposedly killed. Her body has never been found.