YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Voters will have three choices come election day when it comes to Youngstown’s Clerk of Courts office.

Sarah Brown-Clark has served as clerk since 2000 and is retiring at the end of the year. After more than two decades in the Youngstown Clerk of Courts office, Clerk of Courts candidate Richard Hill is looking to succeed his boss. He is joined by Youngstown City Law Director Jeff Limbian and paralegal and former Youngstown School Board member Corrine Sanderson.

“I’m ready to go from day one,” Hill said. “I understand the caseload. I’ll be able to undertake the caseload and I understand the operation of the court.”

Both Sanderson and Limbian also believe they’re up to the task.

“I do have a legal background as far as, like, paralegal work, and I know definitely I’ll be able to help and assist to bring and move that office forward,” Sanderson said.

“I think that the Clerk of Courts office is a place that needs some revamping,” Limbian said. “And I’d like to be the person to do that.”

Each has a different reason for wanting the job. Hill says one of his priorities will be to upgrade the office’s computer and e-filing systems.

“We’re going to be able to have electronic payments for every division and remote access for the judges,” Hill said. “So it’s going be a complete game changer.”

Sanderson says the focus needs to be on controlling costs and cutting back on the clerk’s $3 million budget.

“To offset the budget, they need to know how to collect as far as the ticket rate,” Sanderson said. “It has to increase. So right now it’s at 32%.”

Limbian believes cuts need to be made as well, claiming the office is top-heavy with employees.

“When you look at other clerks’ offices, they’re run with far fewer people,” Limbian said. “And through attrition, I’d like to see that place scaled down to a point where we can say we’re running efficiently.”

Hill argues the current staff of 26 has seen an increasing workload.

“Our caseload is up by 7000,” Hill said. “So being the caseload that we have, personnel will stay as is.”

All three candidates have political campaign experience. Hill ran unsuccessfully for mayor four years ago, Sanderson served on the Youngstown School Board for one term, and Limbian has run for judge in the past, but was never elected.

Voters will decide on November 7.