YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – When Joshua Triplett decided to move his family from Youngstown to Los Angeles, California, it was a leap of faith that he wouldn’t regret. 

Now, Joshua has found success in his acting career, by appearing in television shows,  commercials and movies. 

“The ability to transform people’s perspective…When you watch my TV show or my movie, you’re not thinking about anything else in that moment. It’s such a powerful experience as an actor, to be able to just captivate someone’s attention for that, take them away from whatever stresses they may have in life” Joshua said. 

But, he isn’t alone. 

“She was about three, three years old and she was actually saying lines from one of my auditions,” Joshua said. 

Joshua says his daughter Jaidyn has always been a natural.

“She’s an incredible actress and her ability to memorize, her ability to take direction, her ability at a young age to just understand what’s going on in the scene, with the characters around her,” Joshua said. 

Jaidyn says having her dad by her side has made the journey even better.

“He’s really helped me with going into auditions, if I was, like, nervous, or if I didn’t know if I could do it, he always helped me,” Jaidyn said. 

Now, Jaidyn is a main character on the Nickelodeon reboot of iCarly.

“It’s been really cool, just getting to know all of the cast and building those relationships and feeling those sparks between all of us knowing that we’re gonna be friends, and we’re gonna see each other every day,” Jaidyn said. 

In April, the show won the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. Jaidyn said it was a moment she’ll never forget.

“I was shaking, you know, I was so excited, and I was walking up and I was like ‘wow.’ I was holding up my skirt, and I was like, ‘wow, I really just won an award,’” Jaidyn said. The whole experience, that whole day was just amazing.” 

Joshua and Jaidyn say they’re only getting started and have big plans for the future, venturing into some other areas. 

“I love producing, directing and writing,” Joshua said. 

“I’ve always had that really strong interest in singing and songwriting,” Jaidyn said. “Hopefully later this year, my music will come out.”

You can follow along with Josh and Jaidyn, and their family on their YouTube page, Triplett Family Network.