(WKBN) — A Youngstown native wants to help others by sharing her story of overcoming obstacles in a recently published book.

Deanna Rossi, a Youngstown native, was on a plane when she suffered from an occipital stroke. At the time, she had no health problems and was only 43 years old.

“My body started to go numb from the tips of my hair, all the way down the side of my body, all the way down to my toes. I knew I was having a stroke. And my arm started to cramp up,” Rossi said of the experience.

The stroke affected over two inches in her brain, leaving her partially blind. During recovery, she had to stay in a dark room for over a month.

“Imagine being in a dark room,” she said. “You can’t watch TV. I’m not watching, I’m not on my phone and I’m sitting there saying, ‘What do I do with myself?’ and I couldn’t just sit there. So, I started writing this book talk-to-text.”

Over a year ago, Rossi began writing “No Justificuses” — the title of which is a combination of the words “justification” and “excuses.” Rossi says living with a “no justificuses” mindset has helped her overcome much adversity.

“I wanted to make sure I showed my kids an example of, you know, no matter what adversity you are facing, to always plow through that, to find a way,” Rossi said.

One of the chapters talks about what she calls “FAW,” or “find a way.”

Rossi said life will throw curve balls at you, but there is always a way to persevere. In her book, she shares some of her experiences with people who helped her develop a resilient mindset.

“I think there are these people who come into your life that say these things different to you — these different whispers — that you end up pulling from those experiences later in life,” she said.

Rossi wants to use her experiences to show others that there is hope, it’s all about your mindset.

“I hope that a lot of people read the book and hear some of the experiences I have had, and maybe it will resonate with them and be able to help them push through and overcome whatever adversity they have,” she said.

“No Justificuses” has already hit No. 1 bestseller in an Amazon category. Rossi said this shows that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.