Editor’s note: This story corrects where the Schotts are from. We regret the error.

CHARDON, Ohio (WKBN) — A man who lives in Chardon plans to honor First News anchor Stan Boney using an unique medium: Patterns mowed into his lawn.

A self-proclaimed “grassaholic,” Marcus Schott lives in Chardon. His wife is a Youngstown native and moved to the area about a year ago. Marcus Schott owns a lawn care business on the side and is passionate about all things grass.

Last year, Schott designed a jack-o-lantern pattern to mow into his lawn. This year, he’s chosen to salute First News’ own evening anchor and reporter by naming the skeleton “Stan Boney.”

  • "Stan Boney" grass art 2022
  • 'Jack' the jack-o-lantern grass art 2021

“My mom watches him on the news every day, and I know he went to my friend’s salon for a charity function not too long ago; it meant the world to her that he was so kind,” said Schott’s wife, Anita. “This little Halloween decoration is done all out of respect only.”

“It’s so cute and we get hundreds of trick-or-treaters in our beautiful development in Chardon,” she said.

The Schotts say updates to “Stan Boney” will come to social media throughout the week.