Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown believes Ryan as president will bring the Valley good

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Hundreds gathered in downtown Youngstown Saturday afternoon to support Congressman Tim Ryan, who is running for president.

One person there supporting was Youngstown’s mayor, Tito Brown.

“I thought it was a great turn out. I like the crowd, I like the energy, and I like the message. I think Tim put a message together that people can understand, and it kind of resonated with the common folk,” Brown said.

“Every time I walk downstairs and into the Oval Office, that you, and your needs, and your concerns, and your worries will be my worries,” Ryan said to the crowd.

Mayor Brown said he feels that if Ryan were to become the next president, it would do great things for the Mahoning Valley and the people in the community.

“I think some of the things that we focus on as mayors, I think we’ll have his ear, and we’ll have his heart. When he’s in the Oval Office, his heart and his ear of what’s going on of what’s needed in this Valley, he’ll take it and make it translate to the people of here,” Brown said.

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