Youngstown mayor speaks out about triple homicide, plan to prevent violence in the city

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The mayor said the community can play a part in helping stop violence going forward

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown spoke out Monday morning about the shooting that left three people dead in the city over the weekend.

“Some things are just not ones where you can just prevent them,” Brown said. “They happen. It’s very unfortunate but I think you’ll see some forward progress as we continue into the future.”

Police were called at 3:45 a.m. Sunday to the Brothers of Power Classic Car Club at Logan and Tacoma avenues for multiple reports of gunfire.

Three people were killed and two were hurt in the shooting. At least one person was found shot to death in a vehicle.

All three victims are men who were in their 30s, detectives said. Police are still looking for one man believed to be involved who ran away.

“I continuously ask from the governor to our state legislators that we got to do more to get the guns off the streets,” Brown said.

Mental health officials and pastors joined Brown at Monday’s news conference.

“We, as a community, live in a constant state of trauma,” said Guy Burney, with the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV).

They talked about what trauma from three triple homicides in 15 months can do to a community.

“All the people who’ve had tragedy in their lives, when they see this type of thing on the news, this could trigger them,” said Duane Piccirilli, with the Mahoning County Mental Health & Recovery Board.

Just last week, the business caught fire in what investigators are ruling an arson. There is no known link to the shooting.

When it comes to preventing recurring violence, the mayor said they have plans to take more action going forward.

“We look at the hot spots — what we call the places where we should put more resources,”  ​Brown said.

Local organizations are thinking about more outreach in the community.

“We want to reach out into the church and community groups and — it was discussed earlier — into the barbershops to sit down and talk with individuals and help them manage, and talk about and deal with the unresolved traumas that they have experienced,” said Joe Caruso, with Compass Family & Community Services.

Brown held a meeting Monday to discuss the importance of getting everyone in the community counted in the census in 2020. But he thinks census workers might also be able to bring some insight into the city’s communities.

“It’s a give and take for us. I think those will be an opportunity to build those partnerships so when they’re out, they can talk about the census and get a sense of what is going on in their neighborhood.”​

“We have to show kindness,” said Councilwoman Samantha Turner. “We have to show our fellow man some grace as we move through these tough times.”

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