YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – COVID-19 test kits are in short supply and the lines are long at testing sites. With that in mind, Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown is rolling back his testing requirement for city employees.

According to the mayor’s office, 50% of the city employees are vaccinated. However, that number does not reflect the need for necessary booster shots.

“I cannot set unrealistic testing requirements on city employees when the supply and demand of testing kits and sites are not readily available at this time,” Brown said.

City Health Director Erin Bishop said all 15,000 testing kits received by the Ohio Department of Health have been handed out at various events throughout the city, which has caused a shortage of readily available tests.

Tito said the urgency for city employees to get vaccinated “remains a priority,” adding that employees will be allowed more time to vaccinate and get booster shots.

The city’s COVID-19 Team will continue to meet and determine if vaccine rates continue to grow and whether testing mandates are necessary.